After 18 years of enjoying Prati Piani we are ready for a new challenge. Prati Piani is for sale! Starting price 1.450.000 euro for the whole estate. Prati Piani’s deeds are split, it could be sold as a whole estate or half. Prati Piani is the ideal eco retreat for meditation, yoga, family or business meetings. We bought Prati Piani in 2001 from Margarita Vita member of the famous Agnesi family. Albergo Prati Piani was already closed for five years and especially the Farm and Casa Cantoniera were in a real bad shape. After lots of work we were able to restore the estate and also modernize it a little bit. We would like to share the beautiful environment, the peace and quietness and the feeling of homecoming with others and that's why we rent out the beautiful houses for holiday, partying with family or friends, business meetings, training or marriages.