Prati Piani’s three buildings

The Villa and Casa Cantoniere are situated at one side of a quiet little mountain road and are suitable for families. The fattoria (farm) is situated on the other side of the road and is ideal for activities of larger groups. The swimmingpool of 10 x 5 x 1.2 metres is also situated here and due to its location, peace and privacy are guaranteed. Together the three buildings comprise 17 double and three single bedrooms).
There is ample parking space on the premises


  1. Villa
  2. Casa Cantoniera
  3. Fattoria
  4. Little mountain road Carpasio – San Bernardino di Conio (Via Prati Piani)
  5. Overloop of the spring
  6. Swimmingpool of 10 x 5 x 1.2 m


Dating back to 1930, the Villa was built to a luxurious finish: oak-wood doors and staircase, parquet flooring, large bathrooms, a wood-fired heating system with two authentic fireplaces and a small studio over the garage for the chauffeur.


Het Casa Cantoniera

Casa Cantoniera consists of two apartments, the left has one bedroom and is suitable for 2 up to three people.

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The right side has two bedrooms and can accommodate up to 4, max 5 persons.

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The farm with 11 bedrooms and sleeps up to 20 people is the largest residence of Prati Piani. With a meeting room of 144 m2 and a large kitchen and dining area, the farm is the place for group activities.

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