Guest book

It isn’t as easy as one would think to explain in a couple of sentences why this has been a great holiday. In any case, it has something to do with a beautiful piece of Italy, a wonderful house, a great host and hostess, a super cooker (want to have it at home!!), six pots of home made plum jam, delicious fresh herbs, beautiful mountain walks, good Dolcetta, friendly neighbours, a welcome bouquet on arrival, cows in the garden.. ...”
S.L. from G.

Nothing tourist, wonderfully authentic, delightfully peaceful, splendid nature… I have had a magnificent, relaxed holiday.
We will be back!

H.L. from G.

It was a holiday that we will not easily forget. The house offered an unprecedented rest and luxury, the environment, nature, culture and small villages. We enjoyed our walks, our swimming, our visits to places and local restaurants..
C. van Z from Z.

It was a wonderful stay at Prati Piani. The peace and quiet, nature, all the stories behind things and you were perfect as a host and hostess. I think, here it is “the best of both worlds”: on the one hand the beautiful nature, de simple villages, Italian “rural life in the mountains”. On the other hand the luxury of the house, the great kitchen, the swimming pool for the children, the big fridge, freezer, washing machine. ..
We hope to see you again soon
M. van Z from Z.

We have been here for one week. Two days we were up in the clouds. But apart from that we are totally elated by this beautiful spot. We took magnificent walks on Mont Alto. We visited wonderful towns such as Pieve di Teco and were annoyed at the traffic in San Remo with its magnificent town centre. The plums, pears, herbs. In short, thank you for this pleasant stay.
Fam. N. from A.

We have a wonderful and relaxed week behind us. The house was perfect and we had the luxury of being all be ourselves. So, when the children were a little bit noisy, that was no problem at all. They had a very good time with the brand new swimming pool, the television, the cows in front of the house and so on. We took an impressive walk on the mountain ridge. Superb. Even the children (9, 6 and 3 years of age) grew more and more enthusiastic. After about 4 hours we returned to our house. Tired, but satisfied. On weekdays Arma di Tagia is wonderfully quiet, but at the weekend you’d better not go to the beach. Bussana Vechia is a real must.
Good luck with this beautiful place

Fam S. from S

For us it was the first introduction to Lugeria and it exceeded our expectations. The special thing about it certainly was our stay at the “country estate” of Prati Piani. The enthusiastic tour of the fattoria and the villa, the stories and anecdotes were fingerlickin’ good. Let alone the delicious cherries, plums, pears, figs and herbs… And the peace and quiet this place offers you and the energy you get, must be enough to endure a country, called the Netherlands, that seemed to be so far away. Just some beautiful impressions: tranquil villages where time seemed to have stood stil, the magnificent mountain landscape, where it is not easy to keep the right track, and the beautiful starry sky, of which you cannot get enough. Our love of Lugeria has been roused and we thank you for it. Good luck with your plans for Prati Piani.
This is a nice place to be.

Fam. S. and Fam. M.

The impressive nature and total peace and quiet will always stay in our memory. The starry sky is incredibly impressive at this altitude. The walks are very nice and interesting. The landscape, the flora and fauna are particularly beautiful and varied. We liked the extraordinary villages and the friendly cow herds very much
Fam R from V