Prati Piani’s spacious grounds offers peace and tranquillity in Italy’s Liguria

Enjoy the contrast of nature with its raw beauty to the pristine sand of Arma di Taggia’s beach and its surrounding villages. Prati Piani’s villa, fattoria and casa cantoniera are equipped to provide executive, corporate and/or holiday accommodation. Prati Piani, a seven hectare estate, is situated at a height of 1100 metres near the top of the Monte Grande of the Alpes Maritimes. Originally the summer retreat of a producer of pasta, there are three buildings; a villa, an employees’ home consisting of two separate dwellings,( one with one bedroom and one with two bedrooms), and a farm(Fattoria). In the past few decades these buildings were used as a hotel and hence Prati Piani, to this day, is still known in the neighbourhood as Albergo Prati Piani. The Villa and Casa Cantoniere are suitable for families. The fattoria (farm) is ideal for activities of larger groups

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Prati Piani, meaning ‘flat pastures’, lies amidst hills covered with broad-leafed forest, edible mushrooms, olive trees and rivers clean enough for trout to swim. Also home to the wild boar, fox and badger, Prati Piani is surrounded by pine and fruit trees, the latter of which you may harvest as much as you like . The estate also enjoys its own spring, the water which flows to meet the river Argentina in the valley, and in turn empties into the sea near Arma di Taggia.


Prati Piani is located in the province of Imperia in Liguria close to the highest top of the Monte Grande- Colle di Ogia – that is part of the Alpes Maritime,

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The Agnesi family.
The Agnesi family was the founder of the Agnesi pasta factories in Imperia. To this day, Agnesi is one of the major Italian pasta brand. The Agnesi family was particularly successful because they also had a share in the shipping industry, as a result of which American corn could be shipped to Italy relatively easily.



Prati Piani is located between the villages of Carpasio (3.5 kilometres) and San Bernardo di Conio (3 kilometres), and at a distance of 20 kilometres from the sea (Arma di Taggia), 60 kilometres from Monaco and 80 kilometres from Nice.


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