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Prati Piani is located in the province of Imperia in Liguria close to the highest top of the Monte Grande – Colle di Ogia – that is part of the Alpes Maritime, between the villages of Carpasio (5 kilometres) and San Bernardo di Conio (3 kilometres), and at a distance of 20 kilometres from the sea (Arma di Taggia), 60 kilometres from Monaco and 80 kilometres from Nice.

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The landscape

Prati Piani lies amidst alpine meadows and hazel forest. Surrounded by forests of pine-trees and fruit trees it offers a wonderful view of the hills and valley. The name Prati Piani means ‘flat pastures’ and it is indeed a relatively flat territory by Italian standards. Therefore, you can frequently hear cowbells and goat’s bells. In the spring in particular you can enjoy the beauty of the flowering alpine flora, such as orchids and wild anemones.

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From Prati Piani it is about a one-kilometre walk to the top of the Monte Grande (1418 metres). From the top one has a panoramic view of the next valley with its small mountain villages that are certainly worth visiting. Descending in the direction of the coast you pass by hills covered with broad-leaved trees alternated with terraces with olive trees.

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Villages and towns

Driving to the coast one passes through the villages of Carpasio, Montalto and Badalucco. These villages have a beautiful mediaeval centre. In Montalto there is a little church built in the 9th century. Further on is Triora and Molino di Triora. These villages are well-known for the actions against ‘witches’ that were conducted there in the Middle Ages, and in spite of the rather tourist nature they are certainly worth visiting.

In Taggia one can visit the old town and the monastery of the Dominicans (14th century) with the paintings by Ludovico Brea, the Roman bridge, the palace of the Ruffinis and the Church of Canneto. The seaside town of Arma di Taggia is a typically Italian seaside resort with a beautiful sandy beach and a calm sea. Between Arma di Taggia and San Remo is Bussana Vecchia, a little town destroyed by an earthquake in 1887, now populated by artists. San Remo (20 kilometres) neighbours Arma di Taggia by the sea and is especially known for the casino, the (song) festivals, the port with well-known shipyards and the worldly nightlife. San Remo used to be the centre of the Russian nobility in exile. Its past glory can still be seen in the large, somewhat a little dilapidated but nevertheless very beautiful, palaces and estates. Places worth seeing are the Santuario of the Madonna della Costa (15th century) with paintings by Fiasella and sculptures by Meragliano. Imperia (30 kilometres) is the provincial capital. In fact, Imperia consists of two towns: Porto Maurizio and Oneglia consolidated in the 1930s. Imperia has a nice old centre with a lot of shops, restaurants and a port. Monaco and Nice do not require any further elaboration.

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Prati Piani is the most exquisite place to go for a walk and enjoy the calm and the countryside. See our Youtube Channel Carpasio – Glori . At the time when the estate was a hotel, it was recommended as a health resort. For the more active visitor the area is suitable for mountain-bike racing. For the sun-worshipper the Mediterranean is 20 km away. In winter skiing is possible on the Monte Saccarello (2200 metres). In Monesi (40 kilometres) there is a chair lift to the skiing area. For learning Italian we suggestj Omnilingua in San Remo (25 km).

Furthermore, in the surrounding villages a lot of village festivals are being held: the lavender festival, the trout festival, the stockfish festival and so on. Outside the food is being served that belongs to the festival. Visitors are encouraged to sit at one of the long tables and dance to the music.


Wining and dining

We recommend the following restaurants:

  • Carpasio, Ristorante “La Carpasina”, the village restaurant with a typically Ligurian kitchen. The restaurant does not serve dishes à la carte but launches a varying offer of antipasta, primo, secundo and main courses every day. Most of the ingredients are grown locally. You can also enjoy an excellent cappuccino at the outdoor café in front of the restaurant
  • Mont Alto, La Finestrella, a very cozy restaurant with a daily supply and various fish dishes are a specialty.
  • Strada Colle S. Bartelomeo – Colle d´Oggia, Ristorante-Pizzeria “Al Boschetto”, an excellent little restaurant between San Bernardo di Conio and Pieve di Teco.
  • Badalucco, La Stufa, a very good pizzeria.
  • Badalucco, Camea, an excellent restaurant that incorporates mushrooms in almost all dishes..
  • Badalucco, Il Ponte, this first-class restaurant has a fine kitchen


The weather

Around Prati Piani there is clearly a mountain climate. In the summer it is not as muggy as it is by the sea. In the winter there is a good chance of a white Christmas. For up-to-date information about the weather The weather in Carpasio