La Stalla

In recent years , there appeared to be an increasing demand for a restaurant in Prati Piani . As a result, we were so excited that we decided to create our own restaurant : La Stalla . We enjoyed figuring out the inventory and were very curious about the big picture , which eventually became than we expected . More beautiful Since July 3, 2010 our restaurant is open for our guests . Last year, the finishing touch was applied in the form of a mural , created by the daughter of a local resident , who is restoring frescoes in her daily life .

Our restaurant is open July and August three days a week in the month , exclusively for our guests . Many Italians who previously stayed here and ate at La Stalla now want to eat , but we would like to keep the rest for you . On Wednesday , Friday and Saturday you can sit at a table in our restaurant or relax on our terrace .

Our guests arrive on Saturday, what’s more wonderful than to not have to think about cooking and nice to sit down with us? On Wednesday shows you the best dishes we voorschotelen , just a week to break in half . Friday closes off your holiday and you can once again enjoy a real Italian dinner . In all this , of course , you do not have to think about how much you can drink, for driving you do not have to.
As is common in most restaurants in the area , you will also find in our restaurant no menu . Guests eat what is being cooked . Many people in the area have their own vegetable garden (organic ) vegetables and fruits . We prefer to use these fresh ingredients for you to put a delicious meal. For In addition, we asked the locals if they can deliver their specialties in the field of dolci ( desserts ) to us so you can enjoy all that Italy has to offer optimally.
You can subscribe one day prior to dinner (arrival on Saturday ADVANCE via phone or email ) and indicate whether you want to eat . Meat, fish or vegetarian
The menu includes tasty seasonal dishes based on local cuisine . We serve a variety of antipasti ( appetizers ) , a primo ( pasta or risotto ) a secundo ( main course ) and dolce ( dessert ) . Each course is a surprise in itself!
For the children we have pasta or pizza with a delicious dessert . Obviously there is possible. Terms of meals and opening days and times customized If you would like more information , please contact

Although we are in our own restaurant like cooking for you , we remain of course you also point out the local restaurants where we would like to reserve a table for you .